Holistic Health

Thank you for selecting Renewed Health , holistic health specialists. We  offer complete care for the whole family,through complimentary and  preventative health.

Jacqui Lugg - Holistic health and Therapy

The aim of this website is to help you find the most appropriate therapy for you whilst offering a comprehensive guide to improving your health and changing your life.


Kinesiology is for all ages and is multifaceted in approach. Muscle testing allows the issue to be found and then it is helped with nutrition, councelling and stress release, muscle massage, and Bach flower remedies to name, but a few techniques. Each session is truly holistic and almost any problem can be addressed, from skin problems,infertility, behaviour problems to arthritis, circulation problems and body injury.


Reiki is a spiritual form of healing although you don’t need any religious beliefs in order for it to have amazing effects. You may have a specific problem or just want a relaxing treatment to calm you from the stresses of life.

Turn Back Time-Arterial Stiffness Testing.

Turn Back Time is a way of assessing arterial stiffness, which shows how clogged up your arteries are. Using a machine like the one used to test your blood pressure, and after asking various lifestyle questions, an online report is written showing you your biological age.  I can then go on to support you with nutrition to help clear the arteries using natural supplements. I then continue to monitor you at different intervals depending on the blockage found.